Tokyo CPA Accounting School

Our Mission

Tokyo CPA Accounting School is an educational institution that specializes in offering a quality、
practical education to those who seek to achieve career success in the fields of accounting.
Our mission is to foster a student-centered approach to learning that promotes the development of leadership and autonomy、
enabling future generation of CPA’s to think and act for themselves.

Now in the world that the capital market has highly developed、 our corporate activities too have shown great development and complication.
In such times、 we strongly believe that having an understanding in accounting has become essential not only in bookkeeping and finance、
but also in various activities such as sales、 management and strategic planning.
The reason why our graduates gain high recognition and achieve success in many such fields of business、
is that they have demonstrated great skills and abilities in thinking and creativity.

We place great emphasis on student-centered education、 that helps our students to acquire creativity along with knowledge、
and we are committed to meet the needs of every candidate.

Business Domain

CPA Exam Review Courses

  • Standard Comprehensive Course: 1y/1.8y/2y
  • Intensive Comprehensive Course: 1y/1.8y/2y
  • Advanced Comprehensive Course
  • Written Exam Prep Course
  • MC/Short Answer Exam Prep Course

Career Supporting Services

  • Career Counceling
  • Business Information Sessions

Corporate Training Services

  • Financial Accounting Training Course
  • Management Accounting Training Course


Course Features

How we achieve our high passing rate

Each year、 we succeed in marking high passing rate in the Japan CPA Examination.
Whether in our lectures or in our learning materials、 we place great emphasis on “thinking”、
which ultimately creates an highly efficient learning experience.

Passing the CPA exam is a challenge that requires a wide knowledge in varieties of subjects、
and at times、 we find students struggling to memorize key words just by relying on hours spent in repetitive memorization.
However、 from our experience and practice、 we recognize that understanding the way we think、 leads to deeper learning、
and thus links to a more comprehensive and a more concrete understanding of each subject.
Our education aims to realize this point through lectures from well experienced professional instructors、
relevant and up to date learning materials、 and continuous and conscientious student support.

Most Effective Lectures by Experienced Instructors

Lectures are given by well experienced CPA holders、 and our team are most dedicated to enhance
understanding through easy-to-understand and thorough explanations.
We believe that understanding theories behind each concept is essential in order to be well prepared for the real examination.

We provide highly efficient lectures by selective learning.We divide all concepts into three levels
(A、 B、 C)、 according to its importance in the exam.
Placing emphasis on A and B which covers up to 80% of the whole exam、 allows students to
learn efficiently、 without wasting any time.

Most Comprehensive、 relevant and up to date materials

We use original text/exercise books which are reviewed and updated every year、 to be constantly
relevant for the upcoming exam. To be consistent with our lectures、
all the concepts in text/excercise books are also divided into three levels、 according to its importance in the exam.

All our lectures and textbooks can be viewed online. To be on time、
On-the-Web lectures are delivered 1 day after the actual live lectures、
and we also provide download-free audio files(MP3) so that our students can listen to lectures anywhere and anytime.

Tools for Success

On-the-Web Lectures

Download-free Audio Files

e-textbook Application

Most Thorough Support to guide our Students all the way through

Together with our instructors、 we also have a team of teaching assistants who have all successfully
passed the CPA examination. They all contribute to creating an friendly atmosphere、 where
students can easily ask questions and solve their problems without delay.

We place importance in maintaining a suitable scale to maximize our face-to-face support.
For the CPA review course alone、 we hold 3 offices in Tokyo ( Chiyoda、 Hiyoshi、 Waseda)、
and 1 office in Osaka、 and we maintain a spacious environment where our students can concentrate on their learning. All offices have free-wifi、 enough self-study desks and lockers、 and are open 7 days a week、 to ensure our students with the best studying environment.

Company Profile and History

Date of Establishment: March 1968

Management Team
Kensuke Kunimi、 Chief Executive Officer
Keizo SAITO、 Vice President – Director of Tokyo CPA Accounting School
Hironobu FUKUOKA、 Vice President – School Operations

Established Tokyo Accounting and Law School in Shibuya、 Tokyo; started the course for JCPA
Relocated to Shinjuku、 Tokyo、 Renamed to Tokyo CPA Accounting School; became the first school in Japan to open a 1 year full time CPA course
Launched our course for Taxation Accountants
Approved by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to become an authorised Specialized Training College
Opened office in Shinanomachi、 Shinjuku、 Tokyo
Approved by the Ministry of Education for issuing diploma(Post secondary Course)
Approved by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to become an Incorporated Educational Institution
Created three divisions in the extension program; Tokyo CPA Accountant School、 Tokyo CPA Taxation Accountant School、 Tokyo CPA Business School
Opened office in Hiyoshi、 Kanagawa
Commissioned by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to offer Private Consignment Training Course. Opened office in Waseda、 Tokyo
Opened office in Nakano、 Tokyo
Launched On-line CPA Course
Opened office in Suidoubashi、 Tokyo
Opened office in Umeda、 Osaka


Suidoubashi Headquarter

NEX Suisoubashi Building 4F
3-6-9 Kandamisakicho、 Chiyodaku、Tokyo

1 min walk from JR Suidoubashi Station (West gate)
7 mins walk from Toei Suidoubashi Station (A2 gate)
7 mins walk from Tokyo Metro Iidabashi Station(A2 gate)


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